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One of the activities of internet marketing strategy is to add  social media share plugin into our website. Social media platform now is being such as basic need for daily routine.  For some people, what is firts thing will be done in the morning is open and check their social media update and satus. One of the activities of internet marketing strategy is to add  social media share plugin into our website. By adding added social media share plugin will help to spread the popularity of our blog. For me, a social plugin is one form of viral marketing.
Some of the benefits social plugin on a blog:

  1. To promote blog
  2. With so many social media interactions such as facebook and twitter on our blog, it is helpful to market our blog.

  3. To increase popularity of blogs
  4. The more people who perform the activity "for" or "like" will further increase the popularity of your blog. Moreover, the number of users of social media such as facebook and twitter is so great.

  5. Increase traffic audience  to your blog 
  6. Share our blog on facebook , for example, will be able to bring audience traffic to our blogs or websites. It's supposed  to have at least  1000 friends on facebook, then you share a link in a blog article, if there is 10% of your friend who opened the artike link, meaning there are 100 new traffic to the blog. You are supposed to make a fan page as well on facebook, so your audiance will able to get notification if there is an uodate made on your blog.

  7. Improve the SEO score blog
  8. The score some SEO tools, social media interactions have become a part of the total SEO score obtained. The higher the social media interaction, will be better to support the total score.

  9. Deliver blog to appropriate market segments
  10. Precise audience segments will increase the audience traffic to our blog, because audence will be loyal customer for our blog.

  11. Increase revenues blog
  12. with the increasing traffic to your blog, it is possible to raise our income. especially for online shop website and adsense publisher.
Currently there are several favorite social media to share articles and promote our blogs:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google Plus
  4. Linkedin
Note : Unfortunetelly Google+  for consumer has been shutdown by Google on April 2nd, 2019. Currently Google+ is only available for G Suite accounts through work or school

And how to add the like button and share an article on facebook, twitter or google plus, please read this article about How To Add Cool Social Share Button On Blog  
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