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We can do a lot of internet activities at this time. Internet was becoming one of human daily needs within modern community. With the easy access to the Internet, the easier we access various online media such as news sites, blogs, online games, and so on.

Blogging is one of the internet activities, which I think, is very exciting, entertaining, and educational. Trough blogging we can learn and share knowledge. And we can actualize and express ourselves as well, even earn a lot of money. Alongside using  paid top level domain, blogger can use some free websites available.

There are several reasons we have a blog:
  1. Blogging is fun and exciting.
  2. Blogging activity is realy more fun and exciting than just making status update on social media. In blogging, we able to set and customize our blog appearance as we want to be.
  3. Bogging is Self-actualization
  4. Through blogging activity, we  can express our thoughts and hobbies. Self-actualization is one of 6 human needs of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Quoted from Wikipedia.com, "What a man can be, he must be." This quotation forms the basis of the perceived need for self-actualization. This level of need refers to what a person's full potential is and the realization of that potential. Maslow describes this level as the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be.

    Reasons To Have BlogMaslow's Hierarchy of Needs

  5. Blogging is free
  6. Yes, excactly... Blogging is fre... Totally free. To get free websites please read posting about free websites. If you want to use top level domain, even you only need to pay about 10 US dollars to buy a domain name.
  7. To  share knowledge
  8. If you have a lot of ideas, thoughts, or knowledge, will be better if you share them to more people. Life iswonderfull if we share one each other.
  9. To earn money
  10. Through bloggig, we can earn a lof of money by monetizing our blog. For example we can put Adsense advertisement in our blog to earn money.
  11. Get widespread relation within community
  12. So many blogger community that we can join in, both local community and international community. By joining a community, we able to get more widespread relationship with people aoun d the world.

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