Qibla Pointer (Penunjuk Arah Kiblat)

qibla pointerqiblafinder.withgoogle.com

As a Moslem, prayer or sholat is an obligation that we must do wherever and whenever we are. One of the important things in prayer is that we must face the Kaaba as the direction of prayer. For a moslem, the qibla direction is something very important, because its concerning the legal requirements of prayer. But how do we know the direction of the prayer direction when we are outside the Mosque, or in our area there is no mosque that can be used as a benchmark of qibla direction?
You no need to be worry. Alongside qibla pointer or finder mobile application-based that can be used to find out the direction of Qibla, we can also use web-based Qibla finder tool.

If you you want to know qibla direction (arah kiblat) in more detail and precision on where you are, Google Qibla Finder and Al - Habib Qibla Pointer may help you to direct to right qibla direction. This tool is based on Google map. So, you can determine your qibla direction detail based on location where your are.

Below is 2 web-based qibla pointer tools we can use to find qibla direction :

A. Google Qibla Finder

  1. Visit this Google Qibla Finder tool   then click Let's go button.
  2. Makesure you have activated your location feature to get precise location.

    qibla pointerqiblafinder.withgoogle.com

  3. If you are using desktop device will appear message "Qibla Finder is best experienced on mobile" please click "Got it" button.
  4. If you are using mobile device, Qibla Finder will request access to your camera and your current location to point you in the right direction. Click Got it button

  5. qibla pointerQiblafinder Mobile

  6. Then, will appear Google map with the direction line to Kaaba.
  7. If you are using desktop device, if your location point is not precise, write down your location address in search box or click button in the right side of search box.

    qibla pointerQiblafinder Desktop

    For those who using mobile device, if camera mode is on, you can turn it off by uncheck camera button on upper - right side.

  8. If you want to see more real map, just click Satellite Mode button on lower-left corner of the map. It will show you satellite imagery map. You will see awfully detail map, even you can see your home image.

B. Al - Habib Qibla Pointer

  1. Visit this Al - Habib Qibla Pointer tool

  2. qibla pointerQiblaf Pointer

  3. Write down your address in seacrh box in the upper-right of the map and click Enter
  4. Then, will appear your location ap with the direction line to Kaaba.
I hope this will help you to find your right qibla direction.
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