Al-Osmani, The Oldest Mosque in Medan

Medan Great

In Medan, there are three mosques are famous enough because the building is quite old. Masjid Raya Al-Mashun on Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Old Mosque Gang Bengkok on Jl. Masjid, and Masjid Raya Al-Osmani on Jl. Yos Sudarso KM. 17.5. However, the oldest of 3 mosques is Al-Osmani. Al-Osmani Mosque is can not be separated from the Deli Sultanate of which still exist until now in Medan. Al-Osmani Mosque which called Masjid Raya Labuhan built in 1854.

The conseptor is Osman Sultan Deli VII Perkasa Alam, a highly respected sultan of the people. "During the rule, the Sultan gave a sense of security and comfort of worship for the community," said Ahmad Fahruni, Chairman of the Board of Inspector of Al-Osmani Mosque. The mosque buliding, originally made of wood. Because the builder was a king, of course, not the kind of promiscuously wood. According to the inscription in black inherent in the walls of the mosque, at the time of construction using wood is the best option. But, not stated what type of wood.

In front of the mosque is the first palace built Deli Sultanate. So the Sultan only needs walking if he wants to go to the mosque. Now the palace is flattened, turn into the primary school building. Meanwhile, in the backyard of mosque, is the burial place of Sultan Osman Perkasa Alam who died in the year 1858. When firstly built, the size of Masjid Al Osmani is only 16 x 16 meters with the main material of wood. Its main function as a mosque where the sultan conducted praying and religious activities. The mosque became the place to do magnificence (syiar) of Islam. In similar of development, building of mosque has changed.

Medan Great

In 1870, Sultan Deli VIII Mahmud Al-Rashid conducted large-scale restoration of the building mosques which architected by German architect, GD Langereis. In addition to build permanently, with materials from Europe and Persian, also expanded into a size 26 x 26 meters. Renovation was finished years 1872. The plan was unique style with India copper octagonal dome. The dome is made of brass weighing up to 2.5 tons Meanwhile, calligraphy and painting the inside of the dome no less beautiful with the Al-Mashun mosque.

The next restoration initiated in 1927 by Deli Maatschappij, a company partner of Deli Sultanate and the Netherlands. So again conducted in 1964 by T Burhanuddin, Director of PT Tobacco Deli II. The next restoration done by Mayor of Medan HM Arifin Saleh, in the year 1977. Finally, the restoration is done by Bachtiar Djafar, next Mayor of Medan in the year 1992. Untill now the mosque is still used. The conditions at this time, still shows the greatness in the period. A pulpit carved from wood, antique wall clock and lights hanging from a crystal ornaments that embellish the mosque. Dominate in yellow and green on the walls of the building explaining the entity which is inherent in the mosque.

Wudhuk room to take a separate building from the main mosque also be painted with the same color. Here also there is a relic bedug (large drum suspended horizontally at mosque to summon to prayer) that have reached more than 38 years old. In some old mosque in some area in Indonesia, bedug will be beaten before the call to prayer is announced.
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