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If you see at the end of each post of blog, sometime you will find share button like this . This AddThis tool will help us to share and bookmark even promote your blog post to social network such Facebook or Twitter. Or, Blog visitor will be able to email the article as well.
How to use addthis? Its awfully easy. You simply visit AddThis and make an account by using your email address. After you sign in, you will able to create a button by choose which kind of button, which look of button, and where you will place your button. Then, get your code. Copy the code. Then  you need to go to your blog template and paste it in anywhere you want to lacate it in body section of your blog template.
And why people use AddThis to share or bookmark their article? Its seem so many reasons.

  1. Easy Bookmarking and Sharing - Addthis makes your visitors easy to bookmarkand share your content with others.
  2. Promotes Your Website/Blog - Addthis helps send your content to social bookmarking services and social networks, which brings back more traffic to you.
  3. Increases Your Rankings - Addthis increases your link popularity, which is a very important factor in increasing search engine rankings.
  4. Recognizable Interface - Users will know what the button does and how to use  it.
  5. Removes Clutter - Addthis eliminates the need to include a different button for each bookmarking service. One Addthis button for all share and bookmark services.
  6. Easy to Install - Addthiss button can easily be installed on almost anywhere with a few clicks.
  7. Usage Analytics - Provides valuable statistics about how readers are bookmarking and sharing your content.
  8. Very Reliable - No matter how much traffic your site generates, our fast servers can handle it, and reliably deliver the widget at all times.
  9. Free - All of Addthis's current features are free.
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